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Why You Should List Your Home For Sale This Winter

winter home sales southern new england

Yes, spring and early summer are historically the best time to sell a home. But, it’s important to remember that we all know this, which results in a quick influx of real estate inventory every spring season. With lots of homes hitting the market at one time, and many people are hoping to move into a new home before the next school year begins, competition is tough. On the flip side, if you decide to sell your home during the winter months, experts say you could be looking at a large increase of home sale profit!
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Top 3 Tips for End-of-Year Home Buying

home for the holidays

Ideally, no one dreams of moving during the holiday season. This is mostly because of seasonal obligations, parties and travel. However, if you can get around the headache of moving over the holidays, there are certainly benefits to be had! In fact, many of the benefits of moving during the holiday season can drastically outweigh the minor inconveniences. The following are our top three reasons to take advantage of holiday home purchases and home sales in 2019.
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