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The Right Home, How Will I Know?

the right home

You’re a home buyer looking for the right home for you. How will you know when it’s the right place? Most of the time, you can trust your instincts and/or talk to your agent, your spouse, or a trusted loved one and get guidance. Experience is key! Talk to a trusted and experienced realtor to get solid real estate and local property advice and read on! Here are our tips for knowing a property is the right choice for you.

Tips for Choosing the Right Home

Finding the right home for you and your family can be as simple as a strong feeling because the house offers you a feeling of happiness or even comfort. Let’s look deeper into what makes finding the right home for you RIGHT.

the right home

  1. You want to see more about the right home. Part of the excitement of looking for a new home is not knowing which one could be your new home. What do you feel when you see the home for the first time? When you pull up curbside, what’s the first word that comes to mind? Something about this house appeals to you. First impressions are everything. Once you have this feeling it’s time to find out more.
  2. A feeling of comfort follows you around the right home. You’ll know within about three seconds of entering a house if it feels like the one for you. Does the home feel warm and comforting? Does it seem to speak to you? Does it invite you to explore? Does it feel like home? If so, it could be! The biggest hint a home could be the new home for you is to listen to yourself and how you feel inside.
  3. You don’t feel funny in the bathroom of the right home. Yes, this sounds funny, but sometimes prospective home buyers feel so uncomfortable near a bathroom that they’ll stand outside, grab the door frame, and poke their heads in for a minute. This kind of uncomfortable behavior could be a hint that this home may not be right for you.
  4. The right home checks the most important boxes. The property might not have everything you had on your list for a new home, but it meets the basic requirements. It has the number of rooms and space you need, but perhaps it’s missing a garage. Some people have deal-breakers and if you’re looking at a home that is presenting none of those details, it could be the home for you! Sudden urges to be flexible are a good sign that you’re in the right place.
  5. You’re already ready to go back & see the right home again. Maybe you want to see it at a different time of day or take your mom or best friend with you the next time. Ask your agent to send over any seller’s disclosures to make sure it’s in the right condition for you. You should probably start discussing offers, too, because you’ve probably found your house.

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