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5 Home Buyer Tips You Should Know

home buyer tips

Are you a home buyer? Are you getting ready to buy or sell a home in Southern New England? Even if you’re not ready to get started today, these home buyer tips will help bring the real estate process into focus. If you’ve purchased a home before, you likely learned many things you said you would pay more attention to the next time around. We’ve collected the most common home buyer details to bring a more realistic view to how the home buying and home selling processes work:

  1. The Home Buyer First offer on a house for sale sends a particular message to the seller.

Making an offer on a house that’s for sale is a serious process. Make an offer that is too low, the seller could respond with a higher price, or not respond at all. There is a fine line between insulting a seller and submitting a realistic and non-insulting purchase offer. When offering a purchase price to a home seller, the potential home buyer should also consider the home inspection. Once the home inspection is complete, this leaves room to further negotiate price based on inspection feedback. Haggling with a home seller too early could reduce any change of that home seller also covering any repair costs or closing costs.

  1. What Happens If a Home Buyer Want to Buy a Home with a Title Issue?

Home sales are subject to a title search related to the property for sale. When buying a home, the home buyer will need to hire an Attorney who will research the title of the home you are interested in purchasing. It doesn’t happen often, but It is possible the title will come back with an issue, which means there are problems, which could be unpaid taxes on the property, liens, or other issues, which could delay the home closing process.

  1. Review the Home Inspection in Detail.

It can happen that home sellers have a pre-sale home inspection completed for prospective home buyers to review at showings. Even if this has happened, do not skip your own home inspection. Hiring a neutral party to inspect a property you are planning to purchase is never a waste of time or money. Home buyers never know what an independent home inspection could uncover before the purchase of the home is final. And it’s always possible the first inspector missed an important detail. You never know.

  1. There Are Always Fees Associated with Purchasing a Home.

Our best advice to home buyers is to be prepared for all home buying fees. Opening a dedicated closing costs account can be a great way to be sure you have everything you need to purchase your new home. One of the most vital details involved in purchasing a home is being prepared for down payments, closing costs, fees, property taxes, etc. Although home buyers do not pay their realtor, the home seller does, there are other closing costs that both home buyers and home sellers do pay for, so be prepared.

  1. Working with an Experienced Realtor is the Best Choice You Can Make.

A great realtor is useful for so many details related to the home buying or home selling process. As a home buyer, you won’t pay the realtor, the home seller will, so make use of a great realtor who can successfully navigate all the real estate details accurately and watch out for your specific needs.

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