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Selling a House? Tips for a Quick Sell!

selling a house ri real estate

The process of buying or selling a house can be confusing and stressful enough without having to buy a home and sell a home at the same time! Although it would be easier to do one at a time, plenty of people find themselves in the situation of needing to sell their current home in order to purchase a new home. Even though plenty of people have bought and sold a home simultaneously, it doesn’t really help when you’re knee-deep in the stress first-hand. So, what can you do to prepare for selling a home and buying a home in a way that will make both processes successful?

best real estate agents rhode islandReal Estate Tip #1 – Hire a realtor. When selling a house sometimes people choose to hire a listing agent and a different buying agent. This could certainly work but using two realtors will require more coordination efforts on your part. Using a single realtor when selling a house and purchasing a house will allow you the benefit of relying on that realtor’s coordination efforts of both financial processes. The real estate selling and buying process relies on so many minute details to work seamlessly and be successful. By choosing to work with one dedicated realtor when selling a house and buying a house, this realtor will know the details of both sales and will be able to work on your behalf to communicate that information to the appropriate people as-needed. This is a win for you.

Real Estate Tip #2 – You must be realistic. Selling a house in order to purchase a new house means that a variety of details must come together that involve many people. That said, it is helpful to remember that you are not the only person who is feeling the stress. It is best to be open to compromise so that timing can work for all parties involved and everyone gets what they need. It is common to feel you want to get the best deal possible from both selling a house and buying a house.

Just remember, other people feel that way too. Being open to negotiating and compromise is your best bet to keep the real estate buying and selling process on point. A little compromise goes a long way, especially when there are multiple escrows involved. If you expect to get closing costs covered by the sellers of the home you are purchasing, you may then also end up offering closing costs to be covered by you in the purchase of your current home. Our suggestion is that you should be ready to give and take.

selling a houseReal Estate Tip #3 – Pay attention to closing details. This tip is especially important when you are both selling a house and buying a house at the same time. Working with closing dates for two properties can be hit or miss situation. By hiring a realtor, this realtor will work to best coordinate such details. It is also important that you stay informed of real estate closing details too because this is how you will know when to schedule movers, have furniture delivered, forward mail, etc. The first step is to finalize selling your current home.

Setting your property closing appointments for morning will ensure extra time for the money to be secure in your account. Your realtor will help you determine the best timing and guide you to make the appropriate decisions for your specific situation.

Feeling Overwhelmed? We can help!

selling a house

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