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4 Qualities An Expert Realtor Possesses

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House hunting and selling your current home can be all-consuming in your life, which is why finding and hiring an expert realtor is so important. Not all realtors are created equal and of course, we are all human so every realtor will have their own process, but the very best and most successful realtors share eight common qualities.

Realtor Quality #1 – Epic Communication Skills

RI Realtor communicationsAs a home seller or home buyer, balancing all the moving parts of a home sale and a new home purchase can be enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. What makes it worse is working with a realtor who is lacking communication skills. Sometimes getting a real estate offer in fast can mean the difference between getting the home and not.  To help make your real estate experiences much more enjoyable, make sure to find a realtor who constantly keeps you informed of your current buying and/or selling options. No one wants to end up wasting time on opportunities that offer limited chance of success.

“We had the pleasure of working with Aliesha & Donna [Noonan Lombardi Realtors] for the sale of our home. They were kind, knowledgeable and dedicated to us. They have extensive experience and always had our best interest at heart. Aliesha was always available, helped us make the right decisions and made sure we were comfortable. She had great insight on how to prep our home for sale and took time to make sure we understood all aspects of the transaction. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a fabulous real estate agent!” – Erica Trombetti, May 28th, 2019

Realtor Quality #2 – Being Proactive Rather Than Reactive

Although this point could be considered part of our first quality, being proactive is more than offering epic communications abilities to real estate clients. Being proactive is achieved by successful realtors alike and requires knowing their market better than the competition. This is especially true in a ‘buyer’s market’ where the home buying competition can be fierce. A proactive realtor will offer you sound advice pertaining to when to accept the right offer, what makes up a good offer and what kind of offer they might consider making on a new potential home. In real estate, timing is everything. Choosing to work with a realtor who can anticipate real estate moves can mean the difference in quick, quality property transactions and ones that drag on for more time than they should.

“From the moment we contacted the office they [Noonan Lombardi Realtors] were attentive and courteous. First, they helped me sell a house. Our first meeting was after hours due to my work schedule and they didn’t question it or complain. My house sold in days due to their wonderful listing and promotion. Next it was time to roll that money into buying a bigger house for my family. They set me up with a mortgage agent who was awesome. After my family situation was explained they were wonderful at weeding out dozens of listings that didn’t work for us. Found our dream house and the process went like clockwork right thru the closing. I have recommended this office to various friends/family/strangers. Can’t say enough good things about them. Very professional. Very wonderful people.” –Sean Graney, May 4th, 2019

Realtor Quality #3 – Less Talking & More Listening

Realtor less talkHiring a realtor who talks too much can be a waste of time in more ways than one! First, if the realtor is constantly talking, that realtor is not listening to their client. Second, if a realtor is still talking, could the home buying and/or home selling process be taking up way too much time? Third, is this realtor client-motivated? An expert realtor will be able to ‘read’ each client and conform and adapt to what that client needs.

“Aliesha and Glen [Noonan Lombardi Realtors] helped us purchase our first home and they were amazing! When we were looking at houses, they asked all the right questions and were quick to point out any potential problems. It was so nice to be able to work with people who truly had our best interest in mind, from when we first started looking at houses until the moment we closed. I couldn’t have asked for a better team of realtors and would recommend them to anyone looking to sell or buy a home!” – Amanda Accetta, April 3, 2018


Realtor Quality #4 – Knowing the Area is a Win

RI Realtor local guideReal estate is far more than purchasing and selling homes. It’s all about location! Where are the nice residential areas? Is the grocery store close? How far is the closest gas station? Real estate agents are selling the life that comes with the home, which requires a deep understanding of the local area.

So, make sure that you ask your prospective agents a handful of curly questions before deciding which one’s right for you. (Think train and bus routes, nearby activities for kids, and local planning regulations.) That way, you’ll be able to distinguish between those who can sell the local lifestyle and those who can’t.

“I cannot recommend Aliesha [Noonan Lombardi Realtors] highly enough! Aliesha is highly knowledgeable about Rhode Island real estate, what the cities or towns have to offer, the school systems etc. She is brilliant when it comes to knowing the ins-and-outs of buying homes and was incredibly flexible and accommodating in scheduling viewings. Aliesha was patient with our changing minds about offers/homes, generous and honest in giving detailed feedback. Not only was she great at helping us set realistic expectations, she guided us every step of the first home buying process. I am tremendously grateful for Aliesha’s guidance. Also important to me was the fact that she put absolutely no pressure on us and provided information in an even-handed, non-judgmental, manner, and was unfazed by several course-changes in what we were looking for. Moreover, she is highly attentive to detail in all aspects especially when viewing homes. She was extremely professional and responded quickly to any emails, text, or calls. Aliesha took care of all the details and even set us up with an excellent lender. I can’t imagine having a more positive experience and recommend her without reservation to anyone looking to buy in this stressful market. Thanks Aliesha!” –Dawn Palmer February 15, 2017

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