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How to Choose the Right Neighborhood for Your New Home

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You’re looking for a home to purchase. You’re ready and you’ve been viewing properties. Now you think you may have found the perfect place. Before you jump, have you considered the neighborhood and location? Nobody wants to be unpleasantly surprised with their surroundings after they have purchased a new home. It’s best to put a little extra effort into knowing what you’re getting into before you purchase a new home. Fortunately, we have a few useful tips for you to consider that will help you evaluate your new potential neighborhood.

Real Estate Tip 1: Explore the Neighborhood.

ri real estateNo one knows more than you what you are looking for in a new neighborhood, except maybe a great realtor. Weather it’s an urban or rural setting you’re seeking, exploring the area around your new potential home will give you a true feel for the environment and what you can expect from the neighborhood. Walking around the neighborhood a few different times of day can help you figure out a lot of important details, such as neighborhood activity, children playing, people walking dogs, cyclers, etc. Yes, a couple different timed walks can be a little time consuming but making even a small effort to understand your new potential surroundings can benefit you in the long run.


Real Estate Tip 2: Ask Neighbors Questions.

real estateWalking around your potential neighborhood also gives you the opportunity to talk to a few people who may live in the area. In doing so you can gauge their happiness and/or frustrations with the area. You may also learn some helpful tips like the closest bike path or park that you may not have noticed yet. Even if you’re not really interested in meeting neighbors, asking a few questions about their thoughts on the neighborhood could help you determine weather or not it’s the right place for you.


Real Estate Tip 3: Online Research of Your New Potential Neighborhood.

real estateWill you be commuting to work? Have you considered the travel route from your potential new home to your work location? Google maps and Google Earth can be excellent research tools right at your fingertips when working toward finding the right new home for you. Also, if you are not able to visit the new neighborhood in person a couple times, you can still check it out online. Explore the areas of your potential new home by investigating its location in relation to life necessities, such as grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations. And of course, if you’re a family looking to relocate, you’ll want to research new schools as well.


Noonan Lombardi Realtors Serving Southern New England

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If you don’t have time to put in the neighborhood research, you need to find a real estate agent who does. In Southern New England, that’s Noonan Lombardi Realtors. Centrally located at Remax Properties 696 Douglas Pike, Smithfield, Rhode Island, 02917. Call Noonan Lombardi Realtors today (401) 580-8672.

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