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Ready to Sell Your House? 3 Tips to Get Your House Sold Fast

Sell your house fast

Thinking about selling your house and putting your home on the market are two very different things. Before you go ahead and jump into the home selling process, it’s important to go through your home and evaluate and fix the things you can. We also suggest consulting a realtor for suggestions regarding the areas of your home that will give you the bang for your buck you’re seeking. Realtors see houses and properties every day. 

As experts in selling homes, a good realtor will know exactly what little things you can do to your home to make the home selling process worthwhile. Putting just a little effort into the little details around your home can benefit you in the long run. It’s likely that a little effort now will get your more money for your home.

Not sure where to begin? It’s easy to get your home ready to sell if you know what to do. Follow our tips below and you’ll be looking good for potential buyers.

3 Tips to Get Your House Ready to Sell 

Tip #1 to Sell Your House Fast: clean, de-clutter & paint

First impressions are invaluable. If you can do only one thing to get your house ready to sell, this is that thing. Dust everywhere. Clean windows and floors, light fixtures, etc. Why? Because first impressions only happen once. When a potential buyer walks into a clean, well-kept home, it’s likely they will have an easier time imagining themselves living there. Spending even a little time cleaning and working to de-clutter and organize your house goes a very long way. Your primary objective is to allow potential buyers to really see the house and not focus on decorative accessories. This includes closet spaces. A de-cluttered and organized closet that appears to have room to grow offers a potential buyer a way to envision their own belonging fitting in just fine. Fresh coats of paint throughout the space will do a lot to refresh your house. This is especially true for walls that may not have had a fresh coat of paint for some time. Go for a more neutral color palette that will please the masses, such as white, cream, tan, light grey, etc. The better visual you can offer to potential buyers, the better your chances are of selling your house quickly.


Tip #2 to Sell Your House Fast: finish home projects

We’ve all started a home project from time-to-time that just never really got 100% completed. Well, now is the time my friend. That extra foot of molding needs to go up, finish the one portion of a wall you never painted and remember to pull down the painter’s tape when you’re done. Like we said, it’s all in the details. Remember to add light bulbs to any recessed lighting and fixtures and be sure to walk around and observe your house from a buyer’s perspective. Do the faucets leak? Do the locks work? Cracks in the walls or ceilings? Are their faceplates on outlets? Fire alarms work? What kind of shape are your appliances in? Have you considered how old your roof is? Have you had any water damage to your home? These details matter to potential home buyers.


Tip #3 to Sell Your House Fast: create curb appeal

When getting your home ready to put on the market and all your internal objectives have been accomplished, it’s time to consider how your home appears from the outside. Take a good hard look. Is the grass green or full of weeds? Adding greenery to your front yard will prove to be invaluable. You only get one chance to make a first impression. When potential buyers approach your home for viewings, your primary goal is for them to be impressed and welcomed. If potential buyers are put off at the sight of your house, it may not matter what you’ve done inside.  We suggest using plants to frame the key features of the exterior of your home, such as under windows and around porches and entryways. Shrubs, hanging plants, standing planters or window boxes, whatever your choice is, add something to welcome potential buyers.


sell your hosueOur Realtors Can Help Sell Your House Fast

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