Sell your Home Fast by Choosing the Right Listing Agent

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Like anything else that’s worth doing right, it’s important to do some research to make an informed and appropriate decision for yourself when choosing a listing agent to sell your home. There are common mistakes that people make when choosing to list their property for sale with a real estate agent and we’re here to help you avoid these errors; (1) Choosing a listing agent based on commission price, and (2) The realtor suggested listing price of your property.

It is usual for most real estate agents in close geographic areas to charge comparable commissions for both working with home sellers and home buyers. Although each realtors is unique, there is a typical bracket, which should be between 4% to 6% across Southern New England. And, if you’re looking to both sell a property and buy a property, some real estate agents with offer a multi-sale combo reducing their overall commission slightly. Not all real estate agents do this so it’s important to ask questions of potential agents to make sure you understand what to expect financially.

The most important detail in choosing a listing agent to sell your property is making sure you are choosing a reputable, reliable, experienced realtor willing to give your property the sales effort and time it deserves.

Details to remember when choosing a Listing Agent in Southern New England:

rhode island listing agent

Selling a home is typically not an overnight transaction. Keep in mind that you will be in a relationship with your listing agent for generally about two months, sometimes longer. This detail makes choosing the right listing agent for your personality and expectations pretty important. Here are some of the characteristics sellers across the nation say they want in a listing agent:

  • Solid Real Estate Experience
  • Education: Ask about degrees and certifications.
  • Honesty. It’s important to trust your intuition. Hard truth: Your agent should be sincere and not stroke your ego and tell you what you want to hear.
  • Networking: A successful real estate listing agent, and buyer’s agent for that matter, needs to be a people-person. Real estate is a people business. Some homes sell because agents have contacted other agents, etc. in order to connect with a potential buyer.
  • Negotiation skills: You want an aggressive negotiator, not somebody out to make a quick sale at your expense. The right listing agent is not intimidated and will act on your behalf only.
  • Good communicator: Sellers say communication and availability are key.

Read Reviews about potential Listing Agents! At Noonan Lombardi Realtors, our client’s reviews of our work are all you need to know to choose to list your property with our team across Southern New England. See what our clients are saying and then call us to sell your home fast in the new year!

Sell Your Home: Noonan Lombardi Realtors Client Testimonials

sell your home“Aliesha Noonan and Glen Lombardi helped us sell our home and purchase a new one last year. They were incredible to work with and made what seemed like an overwhelming process far less daunting. Not only are Glen and Aliesha knowledgeable and professional but they are also extremely personable, relatable and empathetic. Without their help and support we would not have been able to successfully move into our new home. The best part is, they are very responsive and follow through on what they say they will do. Lastly, our house sold in less than a week! This is the team you want on your side! I highly recommend Noonan/Lombardi & Associates and am looking forward to doing business with them again in the future.” – Liz Hudon, October 22, 2019

“We recently sold our home and purchased a new one, with Aliesha Noonan handling both transactions for us. We were blown away by her expertise and dedication. Day or night, she was always available when we needed her and went above and beyond at all times. Aliesha was always honest and direct, which was refreshing. She genuinely cares for her clients and takes the time to get to know them and their families, ensuring their best interest comes first. Not only was she our real estate agent, but she also has become our friend…Aliesha helped us with every aspect of the process, including recommending the closing attorney, Stephen Germani, and the movers, Gentry Moving & Storage, who were both fantastic. Our mortgage expert, Byron Kirk at Southwind Financial, was amazing. We truly had the best team on our side! We could not have asked for a better realtor and highly recommend Aliesha and her team to everyone looking to buy or sell a home!”- Deanna Coccia Phillips, April 5, 2018

“We had the pleasure of working with Aliesha Noonan for the sale of our home. They were kind, knowledgeable and dedicated to us. They have extensive experience and always had our best interest at heart. Aliesha was always available, helped us make the right the decisions and made sure we were comfortable. She had great insight on how to prep our home for sale and took time to make sure we understood all aspects of the transaction. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a fabulous real estate agent!”- Erica Trombbetti, May 28, 2019

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