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Top 3 Tips for End-of-Year Home Buying

home for the holidays

Ideally, no one dreams of moving during the holiday season. This is mostly because of seasonal obligations, parties and travel, as well as the all-consuming home buying experience. However, if you can get around the headache of moving over the holidays, there are certainly benefits to be had! In fact, many of the benefits of home buying during the holiday season can drastically outweigh the minor inconveniences. The following are our top three reasons to take advantage of holiday home buying in 2019.

When the time is right, it’s right!

home for the holidaysTypically, during the holiday months real estate competition is less fierce. This means that although there are less homes listed for sale, there is also less competition to get the home of your dreams. The truth is, it’s not ideal for home sellers to be moving over the holidays any more than it is for home buyers. As a result of this timing, many home buyers will likely work with more motivated home sellers. Combine motivated sellers with decreased competition and you have great leverage to get a better holiday home deal.

More Financial Options

home for the holidaysLess competition means lower prices. Now combine lower home prices, with faster closing schedules and even better mortgage interest rates and this holiday moving thing is win-win! Take all three of these bits of savings and moving during the holiday season is nothing at all! With more real estate competition, meaning a shortage of real estate inventory on the market, home prices rise. However, December, January and February are typically the exception. Historically speaking, December usually offers lower home prices than any other month of the year.

It’s also a pretty solid assumption that anyone involved in a holiday real estate transaction wants that transaction to be completed before the new year arrives. For you, this means a faster home-buying and home-selling experience.

Finally, interest rates are still at all-time lows. You may be surprised at the savings you could gain as a home buyer during the winter months. Of course, your credit score will impact your mortgage rate and savings associated to it.

Tis the Season for SALES!

home for the holidaysHoliday house hunting is really a win-win financially and now also in terms of customer service! With less homes for sale during the winter months, this means real estate agents are essentially working with fewer clients at one time. A good real estate agent will always make their clients feel they are working diligently for them, but now agents can devote even more time to your specific home needs.

If you’re ready to buy a house and/or sell a house this winter, we’re the real estate team you need on your side! Noonan Lombardi Realtors operates one of the most successful real estate teams for home sales, property management and rentals in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.  We use top-of-line resources to make all your property dreams come true and we’re transforming the way consumers make home-related decisions and connect with professionals.

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  • I think it’s time I start looking for single-family homes for sale since I want to move houses next year. As you’ve mentioned, there is now less competition which means I might get a good deal for a prospective home. My husband and I wish to upgrade since we’re going to expect a second child soon, so we want to prepare for things while it still hasn’t arrived.